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Through short, looping videos the Vine community has come together to capture and share personal experiences and what’s happening in the world around us. Today’s update introduces an entirely new way to communicate with friends: through Vine messages.

From Vine’s early days, we recognized that there was a growing desire and need for private messaging on Vine. We’ve watched the community come up with some clever ways to send videos to their friends as we’ve been working on this solution. Now you can privately send Vine videos and text messages to your friends. You can even send videos to anyone in your address book, even if they aren’t on Vine. 

To create your own Vine message (VM), select the new “Messages” option in the navigation menu, record a video and send it to your friends. You can send a VM to multiple people. Each conversation is one-to-one; if you want to send a video to eight friends, you will start eight separate conversations. Your messages inbox has two sections: Friends (people you know) and Other (people outside your network). If you want to receive messages only from the people you follow or know, you can turn off your Other inbox in Settings. To learn more about how to control what messages you see, visit our help center.

In addition to VMs, this release introduces colors to customize your profile. Go to Settings to view and select a profile color, which will be visible to other Vine users.

To start using Vine messages, download the latest version of Vine from the App Store or Google Play. And we’ve got a couple other features we didn’t talk about here, so follow @vineapp for tips and tricks.

Posted by Jason Toff (@jasontoff)
Product Manager


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