Say hello to Vine for Windows Phone


Today, we’re launching Vine for Windows Phone, making it easy for even more people to capture and share life in motion.

Tap and hold the screen to create short, looping videos with sound. Camera tools, like grid and ghost, help you shoot like a pro, and, of course, you can put yourself in the action with your front-facing camera. Check out Explore to view popular posts, browse through channels, or see what’s trending, and discover which of your friends are already on Vine with Find People.

Unique to Windows Phone, you can pin your favorite Vine accounts to your homescreen, and use Pivots to easily switch between your apps.

We love to see what each person contributes to Vine, and we’re excited to welcome Windows Phone users to the community.

Check out @vineapp to keep up with the latest from Vine, and tweet your feedback to us too –– we’re listening.

Posted by Ryan Swigart (@RyanSwigart)

Update: Changed the image

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