Introducing Loop Counts

Starting today, you’ll see loop counts on Vines in our iOS and Android mobile apps and on the web. Loop counts indicate how many times people have looped a video, including on Vine and in embeds across the web.  


Loop Counts

With this update, there’s now a new way for you to quickly get a sense of how popular and interesting a Vine may be –– based on how many times people watch a Vine loop. The number, which you can see in our mobile apps and on, updates in real time, so as you watch a video, you’ll know you’re watching with others at the same time. See for yourself:

Redesigned Home Feed

Additionally, the feeds in our Android and iPhone apps now feature a new design, offering you bigger edge-to-edge videos and a cleaner view of likes and comments.


Finally, we’ve revamped the Activity feed to make it easier to know what’s happening on your Vines. In addition to a new separation between New and Older Activity, you’ll also see a notification when your Vines surpass milestones (e.g., 25 or 100 likes).

A quick note: you may notice that some Vines show a “+” next to the loop count. We started tracking loop counts on April 3, 2014. For Vines created on or before this date, the number displayed only includes loops since then. The “+” sign indicates that the actual loop count is likely higher, as there were probably additional loops before April 3rd.

To learn more about loop counts, visit our help center. And as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts - tweet to us at @vineapp!

Download the latest version of Vine on Android and iOS, which are rolling out now, to view loop counts.

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Mike Kaplinskiy (@mkaplinskiy)
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