Updates to Vine for iOS: Better notification controls, new share screen and more

Today we’re releasing a few small updates to Vine for iOS that make it easier for you to keep up with your new activity, explore different parts of Vine, and more.  


First, we’ve heard feedback that you want more control over notifications and which you receive, both via push notifications and in the Activity tab. With today’s update, you can now customize notifications to your heart’s content by accessing the Notifications menu in Settings. Note that any changes you make will affect push notifications and what you see in the Activity tab. Additionally, you’ll notice a new app badge that shows the number of unread activity items, plus unread VMs, right from the app icon on your device’s screen.

Next, you can now choose to share a Vine publicly or as a message right from the share screen. This means you can create your video and then decide where you want to share it, rather than making the decision about where you want to share it first. We know that you sometimes change your mind at the last minute; we do too.

A new navigation bar at the bottom of the app makes it easy for you to move around the app more quickly –– you can switch between tabs with one tap instead of two. Plus, as you view Vines in your home feed or from another user’s profile, the top bar fades as you scroll, so you can focus on what matters most: the Vines.

Finally, with this release, we’ve introduced support for new languages — on Android as well as iOS. Now you can use both apps in Arabic, Hebrew or English (UK), and Vine for Android also supports Farsi.  Head over to Google Play if you want to use Vine in one of these new languages, or download the latest version of Vine from the App Store to try out these new features. We hope you like them!

Posted by Kristian Bauer (@kristianbauer)

Software Engineer

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